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    Our vulnerable young people need safe homes and warm beds. I'm sleeping rough to help raise awareness that these young homeless people exist, are real and living out in the cold streets of Sydney today….not in Kenya, not in Manila, not in Mumbai but in Sydney, and facing it tough every day. The truth is, there are 50 000 young Australians who are homeless and struggle to find food and shelter to sleep for the night. It is hurting to witness and hear the painful stories of struggle and desperation. They need our help and support now before it's too late... It'll be a freaking cold night sleeping on a cardboard but thank you for making it possible for me to make a difference to help them through Streetwork.
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    Kids, no matter where they live in the world, shouldn't have to sleep rough. But sadly, they do.
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    StreetWork has been helping young people turn their lives around for 39 years. Please help me with your donations to support this incredibly worthwhile charity.
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    So a friend of mine asked me to donate to his sleep rough campaign. No problem, great cause and donation made. Then I thought, rather than just donate, I could do more by actually participating too. So here I am now, creating my own campaign and planning to sleep rough on 23rd August. The Salvos and Streetwork Inc do a great job in supporting vulnerable young people and this is my small way of helping them keep up this work. If you have the means to help out and wish to donate please use the link, below. I also want to add a little challenge in here. By all means please feel free to donate through my campaign, however if you signup to sleep rough and join me on 23rd August, I'll kick-start your campaign with a $20 donation. Lets see if we can get a group together; commit a single night of discomfort, raise some money and help vulnerable teenagers avoid the nightly distress, suffering and anxiety of homelessness. Thank you for your consideration. Kind regards Brad
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    Aspect Legal proudly supports this event to help raise funds and increase awareness of homelessness in Australia. Aspect Legal’s very own Managing Director, Joanna Oakey, will be sleeping rough for a night on August 23rd - to help draw attention to this important issue impacting on so many.
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    Freezing everything to raise awareness of youth homelessness
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    Once again I am offering my body to charity by sleeping rough. I am supporting the Salvation Army Chatswood to help victims of domestic violence and Streetwork to help local homeless youth on the North Shore. Most of us take the comfort of our lives for granted. This event is designed to raise awareness that not all are equally privileged. Your support of my campaign will help these two very worthwhile organisations to carry out their work in helping those who aren't as lucky as us. Please dig deep and help me to reach my target.
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    Looking forward to raising much needed funds and bringing light to these very important issues in our community. Domestic violence and youth on the streets
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    I think it’s good to raise money for homeless people because then they can afford more stuff like food, water and a bed.
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    Sleeping rough for one night is a small price to pay to experience the discomfort of the cold, the wet, the uncertainty and the countdown of the time till the sunrise.
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