1. Once again I am offering my body to charity by sleeping rough. I am supporting the Salvation Army Chatswood to help victims of domestic violence and Streetwork to help local homeless youth on the North Shore. Most of us take the comfort of our lives for granted. This event is designed to raise awareness that not all are equally privileged. Your support of my campaign will help these two very worthwhile organisations to carry out their work in helping those who aren't as lucky as us. Please dig deep and help me to reach my target.
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  2. Doing our bit to raise funds and awareness to these important causes. BCS superstars include Sarah Hogg, Miliana Frighetto, Neil Robinson, Elizabeth Avery, Thomas Davidson, Ryan Smith and Matthew Hedges.
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  3. I want to help people who are on the streets because they lived in a home that is abusive and dangerous.
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  4. I'm sleeping out to raise awareness of the plight of teenagers and victims of domestic violence. One teenager without hope is a tragedy; 50 000 homeless young people is a disgrace. Unbelievable but it’s true. They need our help right now. Get involved – participate in the 2019 Chatswood sleeps Rough
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