Thank you for participating in Chatswood Sleeps Rough. You now have the opportunity to create your own fundraising page. You can publicise your page on social media, send the address to friends and market it in any way you can to raise funds for our chosen charities. You will get your own login to this site – remember to save your login details in a safe place.

You will be creating your own fundraising campaign. You can set a target for how much you’d like to raise, and suggest donation amounts. Just remember the only charities you are allowed fundraise for in Chatswood Sleeps Rough are The Salvation Army and Streetwork. You can nominate to support one or both (if you choose both we will split the funds you raise 50/50 between both charities).

Let’s get started!

Ideally your campaign name should include “Chatswood Sleeps Rough” in the title, e.g. John Doe’s Chatswood Sleeps Rough Page.

Make sure you tell people where their money will be going – i.e., to one or both charities.

You can add an amount that you’d like to raise.

You’ll have to state how many days you’d like the campaign to run – we suggest round figures that take you into early September.

You’ll be able to put in a bio about yourself, a photo or photos, and tell everyone why you’re participating in Chatswood Sleeps Rough. We suggest doing this in the Full Description section.

Note that all campaigns have to be approved by Chatswood Sleeps Rough before publication – just to ensure we don’t get spammers.  Once your campaign is approved we’ll let you know and you can edit it if you wish.

Download the campaign packs you need.