Chatswood Chamber is excited to be partnering with Westfield Chatswood for our 2019 Chatswood Sleeps Rough event – Friday 23th August.








We look forward to bringing some exciting news for changes to our event, to be held on Friday 23th August.  This year promises to be bigger and better than before and we are really looking forward to a super event. Register to sleep rough here.

You will still be able to make a donation to our chosen charities, The Salvation Army and Streetwork. Support one or both! Our donation page is up and running; your donation will be securely processed online.

You can help in the following ways

1. Register to Sleep Out

Join other community members and rough it for one night

2. Create a Campaign

Create a page so  your friends and family can support your journey.

3. Support a Sleeper

Show your support by donating to a family or friend's campaign.

4. Sponsor the Sleep

Showcase your business on the night of the sleep-out

How are we doing?

Our Goal: $200k

Donated so far: $19,200.37
Number of donations: 290



Meet our Campaigners

  1. Kids, no matter where they live in the world, shouldn't have to sleep rough. But sadly, they do.
    • 159.40% Funded
    • $3,188.00 Pledged
    • 20 Days Left
  2. Sleeping rough for one night is a small price to pay to experience the discomfort of the cold, the wet, the uncertainty and the countdown of the time till the sunrise.
    • 86.91% Funded
    • $2,610.00 Pledged
    • 20 Days Left
  3. Aspect Legal proudly supports this event to help raise funds and increase awareness of homelessness in Australia. Aspect Legal’s very own Managing Director, Joanna Oakey, will be sleeping rough for a night on August 23rd - to help draw attention to this important issue impacting on so many.
    • 84.05% Funded
    • $2,521.37 Pledged
    • 20 Days Left
  4. Freezing everything to raise awareness of youth homelessness
    • 117.00% Funded
    • $2,340.00 Pledged
    • 20 Days Left
  5. Doing our bit to raise funds and awareness to these important causes. BCS superstars include Sarah Hogg, Miliana Frighetto, Neil Robinson, Elizabeth Avery, Thomas Davidson, Ryan Smith and Matthew Hedges.
    • 136.00% Funded
    • $1,360.00 Pledged
    • 20 Days Left
  6. Chatswood Sleeps Rough - Sleeping rough for one night can be tough, sleeping rough every night is much, much tougher.
    • 12.25% Funded
    • $1,225.00 Pledged
    • 20 Days Left
  7. I want to help people who are on the streets because they lived in a home that is abusive and dangerous.
    • 110.00% Funded
    • $1,100.00 Pledged
    • 20 Days Left
  8. Help Barbara raise much needed funds for StreetWork & the Salvation Army, who provide emergency accommodation, food & emotional support to victims of domestic violence & the over 50,000 homeless young people in Australia.
    • 101.50% Funded
    • $1,015.00 Pledged
    • 20 Days Left
  9. Looking forward to raising much needed funds and bringing light to these very important issues in our community. Domestic violence and youth on the streets
  10. Clio and friends are rallying to help the homeless
    • 154.00% Funded
    • $770.00 Pledged
    • 20 Days Left